Why Your Garden Needs an Irrigation System

Water droplets covering plants on a sunny day is one of the most beautiful things that you can see in nature, but it doesn’t mean that plants always have to be wet from their leaves to their roots. In fact, plants only absorb the water and nutrients that they need from their roots which are located underground. When water is just sitting on a plant, it’s essentially wasted. If the water sits for too long on a plant, and can even damage it.

The plants in your garden require a different kind of watering than your lawn does. Common grasses in the United States are bred to resist different diseases and problems that can come from overwatering while other plants aren’t. Vegetables and flowers are more sensitive to how they are watered and require moist soil to do their best. While it’s not a big deal for plants to be wet sometimes, they shouldn’t be continuously sprayed with water. This is why so many farmers and homeowners prefer an irrigation system for their gardens.

Benefits Of An Irrigation System

A properly designed irrigation system installation Annandale VA can bring a lot of benefits to your home and garden. There are many different designs that you can choose from in order to find one that best fits the needs of your garden and plants. There are some that snake through your garden in lines to water plants more efficiently if they are in rows. In other designs, they are made to irrigate for square foot gardening. This method allows you to organize your garden into equal areas. Some irrigation systems will even allow you to customize just how much water each section is given depending on the needs of the plants in that area.

A properly installed and used irrigation system can also help you waste less water. Since plants don’t need to be watered head to toe, only watering the roots directly prevents water from being evaporated. Conserving water is important both for the environment and to meet certain regulations in areas that are prone to droughts. This can also help to save you money on your water bill throughout the summer.

Why You Shouldn’t Water With A Sprinkler Or By Hand

When you water through a sprinkler or a hose, there’s not a good way to control how much water is actually getting to your plants and their roots. While mother nature waters plants naturally, it doesn’t ensure that your plants will get the moisture that they need. Plants like vegetables and flowers tend to have specific watering needs that are difficult to meet with a hose or sprinkler.

Overwatering can lead to a lot of problems. It makes plants more open to rot, disease, and mold. These issues can make produce unable to be eaten and all of your hard work that season will have been for nothing. Water droplets can also cause plants to burn as the sun’s rays are magnified on those spots. Keep your watering consistent and correct with an irrigation system.