Three Tips for Getting the Most Out of your Bed

There is nothing like a good night’s sleep. But are you getting the most out of your sleeping arrangement? For many, the bed is an underutilized part of the home that is brimming with potential. Whether you are improving the functionality of your bed or boosting the comfort, there are plenty of ways to get the most out of your bed. In some cases, your best option is to get some new bed frames Howard’s Grove WI or wherever you happen to live. But if you’re not in the market, here are three helpful tips to get the most out of your sleeping space.

Increase Your Storage Space

Many bed frames now come with storage built in. But if that isn’t the case for your bed, you can still use your current bed frame to declutter and save some space. Your options are only constrained by the amount of space beneath your mattress.
One popular option for storage beneath a bed is plastic containers. Containers come in every size imaginable, so you need only find storage containers that are short enough to slide under your bed. In fact, some options include wheels or rollers to make sliding them in and out from under your bed simple.

If you own a platform bed, you may not be out of luck. While platform beds without built-in drawers make storage more difficult, your bed is still useful for long term storage for items you don’t need access to frequently. For example, every six months you can swap out summer and winter clothes underneath your mattress.

Reinforce Your Bed Frame

If your bed is sagging or creaky, you may benefit from reinforcing your bed frame. You can do this project yourself if you have some basic skills and a saw. Otherwise, you can go to your local home store and have them cut the wood to your specifications.
To reinforce your bed frame, you should first consider adding additional slats. Many beds come with only a few slats, but beds are far sturdier with additional support. If your frame has ample slats and is still creaky or soft, you can also cut a piece of thick plywood to fit over your slats. By screwing or fastening it to the frame, you provide additional support and may also stop those annoying creaks.

Rotate Your Mattress

Reinforcing your bed isn’t the only way to get the most out of your mattress. In many cases, rotating your mattress will keep you comfortable and extend the life of your mattress for years to come. How often you should rotate your mattress depends on the style you own. With a traditional innerspring mattress, you should flip and rotate it seasonally. However, some modern mattresses are more durable. That’s why some manufacturers of memory foam mattresses claim rotating is not needed. Despite these claims, it doesn’t hurt to rotate a memory foam mattresses every three to six months. These three tips may not change or life, but you just might sleep a little better after trying all three.