Heat Pump Installation Prices: Everything You Need to Know

Heat pumps are an innovative renewable technology worth installing in your home or business. They can offer a reliable source of energy, effective heat, and warm water. They can make a big difference in your power bill by reducing the cost of keeping your home or business warm or cool. With a heat pump in place, you won’t need a furnace or even a central air unit. The challenge comes in finding out the amount of money you should set aside for a heat pump. The cost of most heat pump installation sydney varies greatly as a lot of factors affect the price.

The Cost of Heat Pump Installation – What exactly is a Heat Pump?

Before we dive into discussing heat pump installation prices, let’s first understand what a heat pump really is. A heat pump is an equipment capable of heating or cooling your home. It works by pumping hot air from outside into your home or commercial premises. Heat pumps are popular in areas that lack propane or natural gas as a source of energy.

Heat pumps attract high installation prices. The total cost will vary with the size and nature of the area they are fitted on. The cost of ground source heating systems (GSHPs) is a little higher due to the tiresome task of laying the pipes below the ground. It is also more expensive to install a heat pump on an existing building compared to a newly constructed one because some digging will be required for an already existing building. GSHPS are the priciest heat pump systems. They cost anywhere from $12,200 to $16,600. Air source heat pump cost about a half that, from $5,500 to $8,900. Again, this varies with the size and area.

What are other Factors that Affect the Cost of Heat Pump Installation?

• House Size: Of course installing a 1.5-ton heat pump on your three bedroom house is cheaper than installing three, 7-ton units on your 8,000 sq. ft. mansion. So your heat pump installation cost will depend on your house size.

• Time of the year: The installation prices are higher during the busy seasons than the off-seasons. Spring and fall are the ideal seasons to seek heat pump installation services because during this time the weather is beautiful and fewer people are looking for such services compared to the winter when everyone remembers that they need to warm their homes.

• The Installer You Choose: The HVAC industry is crowded with many installers who promise to deliver quality heat pump installation services. They all charge different prices for their services. Some are genuine while others are quacks masquerading as professional installers. So it is crucial to do thorough research and vet a potential heat pump installer before hiring him or her. You should also compare the prices of at least three professional installers before settling for one whose price suit your budget and needs.

It is evident that there a couple of important variables that influence the cost of your heat pump installation. But there is no cause for alarm. Just go for an effective yet affordable brand, a competent installer, and have the job done during the off-season.